Our Story
The Proposal

They met online… drank a lot of wine… and the rest is history! But really…the past couple of years have been amazing with a proposal that was equally amazing!

Matt's sister and brother-in-law, Debra and Gerry, have a friend who is on Broadway and gave them tickets to see a mattine performance of The King and I, which was playing in downtown Boston at the Opera House. Since the show was on a Saturday they had their son's softball game and wouldn't be able to go. Matt came home one day and told Jaime this and she was ecstatic. "I can't believe we are going to get a tour backstage how cool is that!?" She said, and then called Debra to thank her for the tickets, she was so excited! (Debra and Gerry do have a friend on Broadway: however, the rest of this story was a lie and Matt had bought the tickets 3 weeks prior) (sneaky sneaky)

The Saturday of the show arrives and Debra texted Jaime and told her that she and Matt would meet Maggie, the Opera House stage manager, before the show so she would know where they were sitting. After a very long 3 hours, the show finally ends. The cast takes their bows and then makes an announcement that they are holding a backstage tour for the first 30 people interested. Jaime looks at Matt and says "oh, that's why we can get a tour, they are giving them to everyone today." (The entire cast knew a proposal was happening and said this to throw Jaime off). As they waited for the Opera House to clear out, Matt was pacing back and forth and Jaime snapped at him to sit down. She has no idea what was going on in his head.

Maggie comes to meet the couple and brings them towards the orchestra to see if they have any questions. Jaime tries to sound like she knows what she is talking about and asks some theater related questions, after all she grew up in theater and would just die to be up on that stage. Maggie then brings them on stage and it is just the two of them. Jaime didn't even notice, she just stood in the middle of the stage and looked out, it was a surreal experience being on a stage like that, she wondered, "do I sing a song?" She then turned to Matt to see if he was experiencing the same feeling, and as she did he grabbed both of her hands and started to speak words that everyone would smile about for years, except everyone blacked out and they don't remember a word.

The next thing Jaime heard was a voice that came from the balcony, "Did she say yes?" She turned to see who it was and there she found her Mom, Dad and sister Liz (who had been at the show the entire afternoon).

They all embraced on stage took pictures and then headed to dinner with family to celebrate! The curtain may have closed on The King and I that afternoon, but it was opening night for Matt and Jaime #MattineeAndHisFiance

-Jaime & Matt

Other Events

New Years Day Brunch
Monday, January 1, 2018
9:00 AM
Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
606 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210, USA
Wedding Party

Elizabeth Wluka - Maid of Honor

Sister of the Bride

Allison Brenner - Bridesmaid

Cousin of the Bride

Alyssa Brenner - Bridesmaid

Cousin of the Bride

Kimberly Brenner Leviton - Bridesmaid

Cousin of the Bride

Jennifer Monaco - Bridesmaid

Cousin of the Bride

Helene Servillon - Bridesmaid

College roommate of the Bride

Christina Laguerre - Bridesmaid

College friend of the Bride

Jennifer Chester - Bridesmaid

College roommate of the Bride

Kristina Balarezo - Bridesmaid

College roommate of the Bride

Eulia Mahoney - Bridesmaid

College roommate of the Bride

Kelsey Bernardin - Bridesmaid

Sorority Sister of the Bride

Heather Hoefer - Bridesmaid

Sorority Sister of the Bride

Seth Rotman - Best Man
Michael Teper - Groomsman
Nate Reiser - Groomsman
Ed Russell - Groomsman
Justin Rundle - Groomsman
Gus Martinez - Groomsman
Brett Ginter - Groomsman
Jason Leviton - Groomsman